Chinese KOL promotion

Not to limited on the traditional advertising mode

意見領袖/網紅(KOL)在國內的網絡世界擁有強大的影響力。利用合適的 KOL 為產品或品牌進行網上推廣,可於短時間內傳播品牌資訊,廣泛地吸引新客戶之餘,更可增加潛在顧客對產品的信心,刺激消費意欲。


SDMC 為您提供國內 KOL 網絡

We can help you to find the right KOL who can influence and fulfill the brand image, and promote your brand and service. KOL helps to convey brand messages to their followers directly on social media. It proves your brand’s credibility and gains the interest from the potential customer easily, leading to greater brand awareness and higher sales. SDMC tailor multiple promotional strategies to help you gain more attention.

SDMC prodive you the KOL network in China

Sponsored Post

Compared with hard selling, sponsored posts are easier to accept by people.

Clients can offer KOL free products and let them share their copywriting, give a positive review of the product to build customer’s confidence.


Product Review

Word-of-mouth is an important factor in brand marketing, especially in China. A new brand is hard to gain the confidence and support. KOL’s review could catch customer attention and enhance their confidence.



Giftaway is a promotion method to gain users at a low cost. It helps to draw the followers attention and attract them to watch promotion videos and share the information.


Let your brand reach more potential customers

The biggest advantage of KOL promotion is their efficiency and precise spread skill. By inviting the famous KOL to use the product or participate in the event, and let them publish the promotion article on their Wechat, Weibo, or live platform. With their reputation and fan preference to reach more right potential customers.


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