Cou-su 一斤果醋

Cou-su 一斤果醋 

The leading fruit vinegar brand in Hong Kong


FMCG & Retail


Fruit vinegar is not a popular drink, and there are many healthy drinks brands on the market. The product has its own characteristics, such as whitening and anti-oxidation, and free of artificial colors and preservatives. However, the information failed to convey to consumers.

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To increase brand awareness, we provided comprehensive digital marketing solutions covering web development, SEO, paid advertising, micro-influencer marketing, and social media management. We first developed a website for our client and created useful content on it, including the nutritional value of fruit vinegar, recipes, etc., to deepen consumers' understanding of fruit vinegar. After 5 months of SEO operations, some keyword rankings have risen to the first place in the search results.

In addition to SEO and running paid advertising, we also worked on social media. To build a brand image, we shared engaging content and special offers from time to time to get closer to target audiences. We also invited KOLs to promote the brand to reach people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.


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