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The social media platform has been developing rapidly, Facebook, Instagram and Sina are examples of popular social media platform. The company announces the new of the company promptly, connect with the customers instantly via social media platform, helps the company to catch the attentions from the general public so as to hold the bonding and loyalty of your customers. Thus, the company will be successfully improve the image and grow ever since.
In fact, we notice that many companies are formulating social media marketing. In order to perform outstandingly, your company needs a perfect management on continuous execution and makes improvement from time to time in order to achieve Social Media Optimization.

What is
Social Media Optimization (SMO) ?

The basic rules of Social Media Optimization:
(1) Create your own shareable content, do not limit on the form of link
(2) Improve the ease of easy sharing, the key is the user-friendliness of the means of sharing
(3) Reward the participants who engage the sharing activity
(4) Share the content on social media platform actively by various of means
(5) Encourage others to quote your original content

Social media platform can not be neglected in the dimension of digital marketing. The reason of why ‘SMO is weight more difficult than SEO/ SEM’ is the audience of SMO is people. In order to optimize the performance in social media platform, human effort and time cost are crucial for understanding the consumer behavior. The tactics are perfect plan, sustainable execution and timely change.


Perfect Plan

In order to achieve Social Media Optimization, the company needs a perfect plan.

We pay high attention to time management, content style, content quality, target audience, customer relationship and more.

We are good at communicating with clients, understanding the industry background, targeting potential customers. And so on, we will analyse the data accurately and further latch the audience in precision. In the meanwhile, we will customize the direction and style of the feed, in order to ensure the social media platform attracts the public, matching the company image, improving customer relationship and also enhance the knowledge of the potential customer towards the company.

Sustainable Execution

High quality feed helps the company to deliver the company image and market position. Among the competitive environment, a single high-quality feed is never enough. If the company aims at outperforming in the industry, sustainable execution is critical.

Every single post, article, gif, poster or even video are formulated by professional designers, copywriter and specialist. The project manager will have a close monitor on the overall optimization system to make sure the plan is stringent executed.

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Professional Service and Timely Change

To enhance the efficiency of the social media strategy, professional service, adaptive reflection and adjustment are necessary. For example, measure the effectiveness of the published post, understand the time spend of your customers on your platform, the instant response of the clients, the sensitivity of the time and content of the publication…...These are important figures to maximise the overall social media performance.

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5 Steps Of Social Media Optimization

1Step1: Create or transform a social media platform fan page
Let your company get exposed and publish information on the social media platform (Facebook, Instagram…)
2Step 2: Develop your social media optimization plan
Identify the most effective post schedule and plan for the season and holiday so as to drive sales or attract attention. Like posting relevant photos and videos, it helps to greatly improve the exposure and awareness of your company.
3Step 3: Sustainability Management and Execution Social Media Posting
Interact with customers to respond their comments and comments. Retain their hearts, and further become your fan of the page. Strategic discounts should be offered for promoting your products and services during the season and festivals.
4Step 4: Review strive for continuous excellence
Finding out which section of the pages is the most popular among your users, and where do the visitors come from? Facebook, or other search engines?
5Step 5:Plan for the future action
According to the data shown, it should be able to act as evidence for keeping the inherent customers and adjustment of the market plan and also the way of attracting new customers in the future.

Customer Sharing

“Social media management brings a lot of consulting to the company”

“Our online platform mainly sells mid-priced watches, so the customer group is aged at 18-30 years old. SDMC staff suggested that consumers in this age group mainly use Facebook and instagram, which can attract popularity and drive business by planning posts. I have been doing it for 2 months. Now, we get customers' enquiries about our products through Facebook and instagram every day” says, founder of Watchviva.com, Bob.

 Founder of Watchviva.com - Bob 

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