What is China Marketing?

Enter to the world's largest online market

China is the world's largest online market with around 730 million users and accounts for over 40% of the value of global transactions in e-commerce. The powerful Chinese market may lead to the discovery of over 200 potential clients.

Expanding the scope of our business in the local market

中國内地的搜尋引擎百花齊放,SDMC 擁有香港與國内的專業數碼營銷團隊,涵蓋内地3大搜索引擎的服務、超過8成的國内搜尋引擎市場佔有率,同時以目標客戶的母語描述產品和制定廣告,容易吸引75%的互聯網用戶再出購買決定。打入内地市場的第一步,莫過於國内的搜索引擎上增取有競爭力的自然排名、適量的廣告,在擴展本地市場的業務範圍,增加網站的曝光機會。

Baidu Advertising

在中國,百度的市場佔有率為76%,比 Google 在美國的線上搜索市場佔有率更大。 百度覆蓋面廣、覆蓋95%的網民、每天回應上億次的搜索請求。百度廣告類型 : 百度搜索廣告 / 百度信息流廣告 / 百度聚屏 / 百度開屏廣告 / 百意廣告。

The Advantages of Baidu Advertising

Advantages 1

Quick result: The keyworks ranking and traffic will increase in a few minutes with search ads.

Advantages 2

Easy to test: the benefits of SEM advertising is quick to see with lots of data. You can use the data to do an AB test to compare which pages can have better conversion. By testing the different groups of keywords and landing pages, and analyzing visitor behavior, you may pick up the keywords with high user engagement and conversion rate.

Advantages 3

Precise calculation of ROI: Data such as impressions, clicks and conversions, can be tracked very well. By conducting data analysis, you can calculate the CPS and CPA clearly to adjust your advertising.


Microtargeting: This function is helpful to the local business. You can specify the city to target the right keyword on your potential customer and reduce the cost.

SEO of Baidu

As the biggest Chinese search engine, the SEO of Baidu is very important for having a good ranking on Baidu. SDMC helps you to create localized content on Baidu and update the internal and external links regularly.

The advantages of Baidu SEO

Advantages 1

Success on multiple search engines: The practices of Baidu SEO is applicable for all search engines such as Google, Sogou, 360 and Yahoo. You might get your website noticed and ranked higher on these search engines using the same SEO practices.

Advantages 2

Increase traffic at a lower cost: Baidu SEO is like rolling a snowbell: it might be unremarkable at the beginning, and getting bigger later. Once you get started with Baidu SEO, you will get better results at no extra cost.

Advantages 3

Higher user confidence level: Users would assume that organic search results are more professional and credible, and the user engagement and conversion rate would obtain higher.

Baidu Advertising VS Baidu SEO

打入中國市場第一步當然是把公司網站做好,而無論是百度廣告或是百度 SEO 也好,最終目的都是透過利用搜尋引擎為你的網站拿到更多的流量。 透過百度廣告配對不同的搜尋字詞,再加上每個搜尋字詞停留在網站的時間和帶來的 Conversion,提供一個發展及測試新關鍵字的機會,讓你的百度SEO策略行得更快和容易。你的百度廣告在運行的同時,你也可以透過百度廣告得到的結果,從而發展你網站的百度 SEO,讓 SEM 和 SEO 互相幫助,在搜尋引擎中讓你的網站發光發熱,提升各方面的 ROI。

在百度 SEO 和百度廣告雙管齊下,效果加倍,我們保證您品牌出現在搜尋結果突圍而出,提升市場競爭力。 SDMC 能為你提供一站式中國營銷服務,服務範圍包括百度廣告、百度 SEO、平台上架、微信公眾建立及營運、微商城建立及營運等多項中國營銷服務。

Another Choice: 360

僅次於百度,360搜索是國內第一大 Android 應用市場營運商及瀏覽器服務供應商​創新科技的領跑者。而它的國内市場佔有率為76%。

360 is safe, accurate and reliable. It blocks different types of malicious websites and provides you a safe searching service.

Type of Ad.

  • Search Results for Text Chains / Bizzy
  • Phoenix Dance

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