What is Digital Audit?

Digital audit is an assessment of active media channels and to evaluate the brand visibility, campaigns performance and market situations. Audits are useful for marketing strategy planning in order to build a foundation based on historical data and to understand the available channels to include in your plan.


What does it include?

What are the advantages of businesses carrying out digital audits for their business?

Digital audits are a critical component of modern business strategy, providing comprehensive benefits that help secure, optimize, and grow business operations in a digital age.

Strategic Decision Making:With a clear understanding of the digital landscape, businesses can make informed decisions regarding technology investments and digital transformation strategies.

Competitive Edge:Understanding digital assets and capabilities allows businesses to stay ahead of competitors by leveraging technology more effectively.

Market Insights:Digital marketing audits can provide valuable insights into market trends, customer behaviors, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Innovation Opportunities:Digital audits can uncover new opportunities for innovation by highlighting emerging technologies and trends that the business could adopt.

SDMC Digital Audit Solutions

Branding - Search Visibility

Brand Search Demand and Trend Ups and Downs
Brand Search Visibility on Google & Yahoo & Bing
Brand Search Perception - Keywords (Positive vs Negative vs Neutral) Related Result

Business/ Market Audit

Market demand from Search:
Market Demand for Your Business
Product Keywords (Product/Service Target, Trends)
Market Demand Gap (SOV, MIssing Opportunity)
Search Visibility by Product Category / Customer Journey

Market demand from Social platforms:

Mentions - Product Category
Social Demand Gap
Social Mentions Channel Distribution
Top Influencer (KOL & Media)

Site audit

Website Traffic Gap
Website Performance Analytics
Traffic Source Distribution by Industry Players

Marketing Funnel Audit in corresponding service

Throughout the funnels: Awareness/ Consideration/ Decision
To point out the rooms for improvement at each stage of the funnel

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4 Steps to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Step 1 - Understanding your need

Understanding your company background, service, website, and the entire industry, and estimate the time required for improvement.

Step 2 - Professional advice

Collect and analyze user data to have a better understanding of customers behavior and provide tailor-made services.

Step 3 - Quick Quote

After collecting all information required, we will provide an estimated schedule and service quotation in a short time. The fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Step 4 - Project Follow-up

As long as both parties confirm and agree, the service will commence. The entire service will be handled by a project manager, and the progress will be reported on time.

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