What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is a process of improving app visibility in an app store and increasing app conversion rates. The nature and the potential of mobile phones are slowly reshaping how business is being done. Investing in a mobile app is an essential move to creating effective business strategies and connecting with consumers. However, if your app cannot stand out from the crowd of millions of apps to acquire users, no matter how good it is, it will not bring any benefits. To get more downloads, the key is to understand users’ search intent and formulate keyword strategies to help users easily find your app..

我們的 ASO 服務包括:

Keyword Strategy

Choosing the right keywords to match users’ search intent and improve ranking in the app store.

Title & Description

Adding keywords to your app title and subtitle and making sure the description conveys the uniqueness of your app.

Screenshot and Video

Screenshots and video are incredibly important to the success of your app because they are the best way to tell your app’s story and convince users to download your app.

Rating and Review

It’s no secret that high ratings and positive reviews lead to more downloads. We help you monitor app rating and provide suggestions for improving user experience.

Reporting & Analysis

We measure the main ASO KPIs including conversion rate, keyword ranking, downloads, page views and reviews, and share insightful reports which keep you updated about your app’s visibility.

Off-Page ASO

We promote your mobile app to various online platforms to increase your app’s online presence, reach the target audience and boost the number of downloads.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience in ASO, SDMC provides all-round mobile app marketing solutions that ​​boost your app visibility on both App Store and Google Play. Our digital marketing experts use a variety of tools to develop in-depth keyword strategies and competitor analysis to ensure the keywords we choose reflect target users’ search intent. As a leading digital agency in Hong Kong, we have been successful in improving app visibility for our clients. You can rely on SDMC to be your ideal partner in enhancing the growth of your mobile applications. Are you ready to take your app marketing strategy to the next level? Let’s talk about your app marketing goals!

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4 Steps to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Step 1 - Understanding your need

Understanding your company background, service, website, and the entire industry, and estimate the time required for improvement.

Step 2 - Professional advice

Collect and analyze user data to have a better understanding of customers behavior and provide tailor-made services.

Step 3 - Quick Quote

After collecting all information required, we will provide an estimated schedule and service quotation in a short time. The fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Step 4 - Project Follow-up

As long as both parties confirm and agree, the service will commence. The entire service will be handled by a project manager, and the progress will be reported on time.

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