What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving website rankings on search engines. As one of the best SEO agencies in Hong Kong, we have extensive experience in making your site’s content understandable to the search engine with effective SEO strategies and getting your site on the first page of search engines when users search for relevant keywords.

SEO Benefit 1

SEO services bring you trust and credibility

Compared to paid keywords advertising, customers are more likely to trust organic listings on search engines. The top 3 SEO results receive 30 - 50% more clicks on average. Sometimes, even though your paid ads are ranked first, their click-through rate might be lower than 5%, meaning not only can SEO services boost traffic to your website, but they also help to improve brand image and trust.


SEO Benefit 2

SEO services reduce ad spend and double conversions

There are many platforms for online advertising, examples include Google , FacebookInstagram and Instagram. Still, no matter what platform you use, the customer acquisition cost is rising sharply. Under this circumstance, the benefits of SEO services are self-evident. By driving long-term and free traffic, SEO services allow businesses to reduce advertising expenditures and avoid overpaying effectively.

SEO Benefit 3

SEO services make you available 24x7 for potential customers

There are dozens of sophisticated elements involved at every stage of the sales funnel, each has unique functions and effects. With SEO, businesses can reach out to whoever is actively searching for relevant products or services information, in other words, an one-stop SEO services and keywords strategy allows you to automatically acquire potential customers 24x7, helping you to close more sales effortlessly.

Local SEO Service

Google is the biggest search engine in the world processing 54 billion searches each day and almost 2.27 billion per hour. Google algorithm takes a number of factors into account when determining website rankings, such as the relevance and quality of the content. It puts the most appropriate and related results into the first page.

According to the study, 95% of Google users would stay on the first page of search results, only 3% of them would go to the second page. To make the website stay on the first page is really important. With a deep knowledge of search-engine optimization best practices, our SEO services experts help you to improve website ranking and drive massive traffic.

International SEO Service

International SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engines and users across multiple countries and languages. As globalization trends become increasingly apparent, more and more companies are focusing on international SEO to expand their presence in international markets.

The difference between international SEO and traditional SEO lies in the consideration of multiple countries and languages in international SEO. This means that you need to understand the culture, search habits, and keywords of each target market, incorporating these factors into your SEO strategy. In practice, international SEO requires mastering certain skills and knowledge, including language proficiency, cross-cultural communication skills, technical knowledge, and data analysis capabilities.

A thorough understanding of international SEO is essential for success in international markets.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing lies at the heart of SEO services strategy as it helps to increase consumer’s purchasing intention by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. Different from traditional marketing, content marketing focuses on drawing potential customers in, rather than hard selling.

Consider customers’ habits and brand image to create unique marketing strategies for the brand.

Good content marketing could spark heated discussions and increase brand’s favorability.

Online Reputation Management

In today's era of advanced Internet information, building a strong brand image and is very important to you and your brand. Online reputation management aims to foster a positive image and reputation by cultivating favorable reviews, addressing negative ones, and continually tracking public perceptions of the brand. Leveraging professional SEO services, brands can maintain positive reviews on the first page of search results, while identifying and minimizing the impact of negative keywords and reviews on the brand.

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Put You One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO Agency is receiving the latest SEO information

If you wish to win on the SEO battlefield, your SEO strategy must hit the spot! Search engines’ ranking algorithms involve over 200 SEO factors, which can be categorized into 4 groups:

  • On-page ranking factors
  • Off-page ranking factors
  • Violations
  • Blocking

None of the above is a dominating or guaranteed success factor. As a professional SEO agency HK, we are here to bring you the customized SEO services supported with continuous trend and changes monitoring. Get ready to stay ahead of your competitors!

Comprehensive SEO team and resource

SEO itself is a challenging strategy to utilize, that’s why our SEO services team is composed of experienced Keywords Planner, Programmer, Copywriter and Digital Marketer. Our SEO services are comprehensive, including:

  • Business Analysis
  • Website Health Check
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Strategy Planning
  • Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Regular Performance Review


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Our SEO services are proven time and time again to be successful

In the past few years, we have successfully delivered hundreds of SEO services. Aspiring to become the best SEO company in Hong Kong, we promise to keep pushing ourselves to excellence.

Step 1
Understand client’s business goal and objectives.

Step 2
Provide tailored SEO services and optimization plans.

Step 3
SEO is a long-term investment. Upon confirmation of details, our in-house SEO services team will take over the project, meanwhile, designated staff will follow up and communicate with you constantly to maximize the ROI of SEO services.

Step 4
Apart from regular reporting, our SEO services also include a half-year and full-year data analysis. You can thus move faster than your competitors with a multifaceted approach.

SEO Services

that boost your Traffic and turn Into Revenue

High-Converting Keywords

Choosing the right keyword is integral to our SEO services success. We’ll conduct thorough keyword and target user research to identify potential high-value keywords that can lead to higher conversions.

SEO Agency HK with 3 Guarantees

Promise 1
Our SEO services never use illegal SEO methods to improve your website ranking.

Promise 2
SDMC has professional UI/UX designers, programmers and digital marketing experts to support SEO services, and never outsource projects.

Promise 3
The SEO services fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Help your Business Grow

Alongside the best keywords and SEO services practices to help you gain return. We know the challenge of growing a business.

In addition to SEO, we provide full-range digital marketing services to remain visible to your target audience.

What Our Clients Say About Our SEO Services?

Comprehensive digital marketing and SEO services in Hong Kong

SDMC covers a whole range of digital marketing services, including web design, Google ads and SEO rankings. In no more than half year, my chosen keywords are ranked #1 on the first page. Although everything is as expected, I am still blown away by SDMC’s work because there has been an obvious improvement after hiring their SEO services, totally worth it!

Coach Chan /
Founder of Koachconnection

Our website hit the first page on Google with SDMC’s SEO services

My previous website layout was a bit outdated and customers were having troubles searching for my website on search engines. SDMC goes above and beyond my expectation by offering high-quality website design and promotion strategy. With their SEO services, my website started to appear on the first page for several keywords. More importantly, SEO brings us more traffic and real-time enquiries!

Charles /
Founder of Sky International

Precise SEO services which enhance our e-shop conversion rate by 80.6%


Our website often got outranked by the competitors given that the telecom market in Hong Kong has always been vigorously competitive. SDMC has conducted an in-depth keywords and competitors analysis to discover keywords with great potential, their SEO services team also provided us with a comprehensive onsite and offsite optimization plan to strengthen the website content and authority.

Digital Marketing Team /
China Mobile

There are 100,000 more traffic to our new website in just a year 


WavingCat is a newly launched online media brand. With SDMC’s one-stop SEO services which covers website maintenance, content creation and data analysis, we have received over 100,000 traffic in just one year. They have successfully turned impossible to possible!

Online Marketing Team /

Acquire Professional Online Marketing advice NOW

4 Steps to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Step 1 - Understanding your need

Understanding your company background, service, website, and the entire industry, and estimate the time required for improvement.

Step 2 - Professional advice

Collect and analyze user data to have a better understanding of customers behavior and provide tailor-made services.

Step 3 - Quick Quote

After collecting all information required, we will provide an estimated schedule and service quotation in a short time. The fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Step 4 - Project Follow-up

As long as both parties confirm and agree, the service will commence. The entire service will be handled by a project manager, and the progress will be reported on time.

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