What is the SME Export Marketing Fund?

The SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) aims to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand their markets outside Hong Kong by providing financial assistance to SMEs for participation in export promotion activities.From 20 January 2020, the cumulative funding ceiling per SME will be doubled from $400,000 to $800,000.

Explore International Business Opportunities

Hong Kong entered its current economic recession. Even if many SMEs want to expand their business, they are facing challenges due to the uncertain global economic environment. To support SMEs, the government injected HKD 1 billion into the EMF, providing funds and opportunities for SMEs to expand overseas markets.

The maximum amount of funding is HKD800K

The SME Marketing Fund Scheme supports various kinds of export promotion activities which are conducted through electronic platforms/media and which mainly target markets outside Hong Kong, such as placing advertisements, keyword search, setting up online shops, website development, mobile app development, etc.

The government has now lowered the application threshold, and streamlined the application, and vetting and approval procedure. SMEs can benefit from the funding to carry out promotional and marketing activities to expand their business.

SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

Marketing plan to expand overseas business

Publicity and Promotion

Tailor-made online marketing plan according to client needs. Our services include search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising (digital media buying), Google advertising, micro-influencer marketing and more. Taking advantage of online advertising, we help extend your brand into overseas markets.

Website and mobile app development

Develop or optimize company websites and mobile apps to provide faster and more convenient channels for overseas customers, and explore business opportunities in overseas markets.

One-stop exhibition planning

Assist clients in planning and participating in trade fairs and exhibitions outside Hong Kong or mainly target markets outside Hong Kong. Participating in the exhibition can help you understand the overseas market conditions and trends, and explore cooperation opportunities with other companies.

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Enterprise applying for funding must meet the Government’s definition of an SME, i.e. if it is engaged in manufacturing business, it must employ fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; and if it is engaged in non-manufacturing business, it must employ fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.
It must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of making the application. An enterprise holding a shell business registration or having its main business operation outside Hong Kong will not be regarded as having substantive business operations in Hong Kong.

More about the eligibility for SME Export Marketing Fund