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小紅書有超過三億用戶,當中大部分用戶是中國的年輕人,近 80% 的小紅書用戶年齡在 30 歲以下,女性用戶超過 70%。小紅書對中國年輕人的滲透率之高,反映出它佔領年輕人巿場的主導位置。小紅書將社交媒體結合購物平台,令用戶在產出內容的同時亦會被其他用戶的分享心得所吸引,再次成為平台的消費者,形成一個優秀且多功能的平台。小紅書的特性可令你發掘到大量的潛在客戶,針對你的目標客戶配合小紅書的特性,令你打入中國年輕一代的巿場。

Exceptional content, detailed product information, and topical discussions form the pillars of XiaoHongShu marketing. Through this platform, merchants can attract target audiences, reach out to potential customers and maximize brand exposure.

HK Users

Users from 1st & 2nd Tier cities

Male-to-female ratio

Monthly Active Users


Moving Beyond Traditional 'Hard-sell' Tactics

By collaborating with influencers and adopting a more subtle promotional approach, brands can create buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations in a short period. Publishing quality content and working hand in hand with influential figures like KOLs/KOCs harnesses their significant online influence in the Chinese digital world. These strategies effectively engage users, elevating product discussions and stimulating shopping desires.

A new go-to search engine

From shopping guides and food diaries to travel planning, beauty tips, and product reviews – everything can be found on Xiaohongshu. The platform is perceived as the gateway to exploring an enriched lifestyle. Xiaohongshu users are characterized by their love for trying new things, enjoying life, sharing experiences and having high purchasing power. Xiaohongshu marketing is a great way for businesses to penetrate into the mainland or broader Chinese markets.


How to leverage on Xiaohongshu marketing unique features?

as a guiding consumption strategy

The concept of 'grass planting' has emerged as a crucial consumption guiding strategy. Through the grass planting notes “Biji”, KOL/ KOC share product reviews and experiences, often in collaboration with brands for exclusive promotional activities.This cost-effective marketing strategy draws consumers attention through videos and sharing posts. Thereby driving traffic to the brand’s marketplace.


Shopping and Lifestyle

Xiaohongshu has evolved as the go-to search engine for the young generation, with 50% of its usage focusing on searching and shopping guides. Many users visit out of sheer curiosity, exploring trending topics in the city. This continuous stream of information enhances brand visibility while simultaneously tapping into user purchasing desires, putting the 'pulling out the grass' in effect.


UGC(User-generated content) Conversations

透過 KOC/ KOL 社群種草,把推廣內容融入在生活分享的筆記當中,Word-of-mouth creates an immersive experience.Xiaohongshu's recommendation algorithms identify content that garners extensive likes, shares, or follows as valuable articles, promoting them to a broader audience. Therefore, creating viral content becomes a strategic focus.


Social eCommerce Platform

Xiaohongshu is a content sharing community integrating e-commerce functionalities. Brands can establish self-operated estores on the platform, allowing users to enter the product page and complete their purchases. Seamless integration of content and e-commerce of Xianghongshu transforms social media interactions into actual sales.




Xiaohongshu marketing services include:

  • Professional Account Set up & Management
  • Content Marketing
  • KOL/ KOC Marketing Solution 
  • Ad Delivery
  • Keywords Optimization
Xiaohongshu Marketing

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