10 Social Media Trend to watch in 2023 and beyond

Social media has rapidly evolved over the years and has become an integral part of our daily lives. According to uMaxDATA’s research, 52% of marketers said they would increase their budget on Instagram this year. Clearly, for many brands, social media provides incredible benefits by reaching millions of customers.

As we move into 2023, the world of social media is expected to experience significant changes, with new trends emerging and existing ones evolving. In this article, we will explore the top 10 social media trends to watch in 2023 and beyond, providing insights and tips on how you can stay ahead of the game and make the most of these trends for your personal or professional growth.

#10: AI usage is becoming prominent

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into social media is revolutionizing the way we use these platforms. AI technology can analyze massive amounts of data and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, enabling businesses to reach their target audiences more effectively. This is also leading to an increase in personalization, as AI algorithms can recommend content to users based on their preferences and viewing history.

AI is also making social media more accessible by offering real-time language translation, making it easier for people from different countries to communicate and connect with each other.

Additionally, AI-powered chatbots have become a popular tool for customer service, allowing businesses to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

In this year, the use of AI in social media is only expected to grow. As AI technology continues to improve, its usage in social media is expected to become even more widespread, transforming the way we interact with and use social media platforms and providing users with an even more seamless and personalized experience. Whether it's through personalized content recommendations or new innovative features, AI is set to play a major role in shaping the future of social media.

#9: Metaverse emerges as the new social media

The metaverse is a shared, online 3D space that uses virtual reality, augmented reality, and other advanced internet technology to provide users a fully immersive, interactive, and multi-dimensional experience. As technology advances and the metaverse becomes mainstream, more businesses are adjusting their brand strategy to align with the metaverse experience to interact with consumers.

The Metaverse is an expansion of the social media platform as it represents a new way of communicating and interacting online that surpasses the limitations of traditional social media platforms. Unlike traditional social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Instagram), which are limited to text, images, and videos, the metaverse provides a fully immersive experience that enables users to engage with each other in a three-dimensional virtual environment. This opens up new possibilities for communication, social interaction, and even commerce. It also allows for the creation of new forms of content, such as virtual games, experiences, and events, that are not possible with traditional social media.

#8: O2O social media marketing makes a strong comeback

As e-commerce continues to grow and online presence becomes increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, O2O social media marketing is expected to make a strong comeback in 2023 to drive sales, build customer loyalty, and grow brand awareness.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital channels, and many businesses have had to pivot their strategies to stay afloat. This has led to a renewed focus on O2O marketing as a way to drive sales to physical stores and events. As the world becomes more interconnected, customers are increasingly expecting a seamless experience across online and offline channels. O2O social media marketing is more important than ever as consumers tend to begin their shopping journeys on social media and look for engaging ​​offline retail experiences. In this model, brands can capture the interest of shoppers from social media in order to drive them to the physical stores. For example, they can provide product information on their Instagram page and offer in-store pickup. By implementing O2O social media marketing strategies, Brands can bring the best of in-store and online customer experiences together.

#7: Brands are actually developing an actual “voice”

The social media marketing space is always evolving and one of the latest trends that every marketer needs to pay attention to is the rise of social audio platforms. Social audio refers to audio-based social media platforms where users can create and share audio content in real-time. With the rise of podcasting and social audio platforms, businesses are beginning to leverage audio content in their social media marketing strategies to reach their target audience. For instance, Twitter Spaces allows users to participate in live audio conversations. To engage with its audiences over live conversation, brands can host live Q&A sessions, interviews with industry experts, or discuss new products or services.

Similarly, Instagram Reels allows users to record or edit 60-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools before sharing on the app. Due to its audio-visual nature, Reels tend to get even more views and engagements than regular posts. Brands can use trening audio in their Reels. By doing this, your videos may have a higher chance of capturing people’s attention and going viral.

#6: VTubers rise as social media influencers

VTubers is a term used to describe digital avatars or characters that are created using computer-generated imagery and motion capture technology. These virtual characters are animated to simulate the movements of a real person and are typically voiced by a human. VTubers usually appear on social media platforms and live streaming websites, where they interact with their fans and create various types of digital content such as vlogs, gameplay videos, and chatting with audiences while streaming.

In recent years, VTubers have risen to prominence as social media influencers because of their ability to connect with their audiences through their virtual characters, making it possible to engage with their fans on a more personal level in real-time. The target audience of VTubers is typically the young working adults who are always looking for new and innovative forms of entertainment. They often create a sense of community and build a loyal following once they understand the culture and behavior of these fans.

As VTubers continue to grow in popularity, brands have begun to take notice of the influence and reach that they have. Many have started collaborating with VTubers to promote their products and services in various ways, for example, sponsoring VTubers to create an organic post that features the brand’s products. Also, the virtual nature of VTubers makes it easier for brands to reach a global audience without language and geographical restrictions.

#5: Video is the king on social media

Video content is becoming increasingly important, especially in the realm of social media marketing, owing to its high engagement factor and ability to convey information quickly and effectively. Inspired by TikTok's success, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are developing their own areas for short-form video within their respective ecosystems, and users have responded with great enthusiasm. Even without professional video editing skills, users can still utilize these platforms which offer an intuitive and accessible interface for creating and editing short-form video content.

According to Sprout Social’s research, 54% of marketers say that video is the most effective content type for achieving social media marketing goals. Video can be easily shared and has the potential to go viral, making it a powerful tool for brands looking to build brand awareness and reach new audiences. They can use engaging video to showcase their products, services, manufacturing process, or behind-the-scenes, providing potential customers with a more accurate and realistic idea of how it works and how it can benefit them. With such a huge potential for engagement and ROI, more and more businesses have incorporated video content as an essential part in their social media marketing strategy.

#4: Social shopping continues to hit new high

As social media platforms grow and evolve, the usage of it is no longer limited to making connections. A notable trend in recent years is the increasing number of people who are utilizing social media platforms to explore products and complete transactions This type of shopping involves the integration of social media and e-commerce, which allows users to browse, share, and purchase products from brands that have established digital storefronts on social media platforms. The concept behind social shopping is to make it easier for businesses to reach their target audience and for users to buy products without ever having to leave the platform.

Social media networks provide a two-way communication channel between businesses and their customers, which not only helps to promote products but also enables customers to engage with them. Some platforms take this a step further, offering a seamless shopping experience that integrates with e-commerce websites. Instagram, for example, has introduced the Shoppable Instagram Feed, which allows businesses to tag products on their Instagram feed and user-generated content, and embed them directly to the products sites. By shortening the path to purchase in an app, it brings the most potential to drive sales, traffic, and engagement.

Also, by utilizing social proof, brands can leverage customer advocacy and external validation to persuade potential customers. When people are considering purchasing a product or service, they often look to the experiences of others to guide their decision-making. Social proof, like customer reviews, ratings, and recommendations, provides customers with the assurance that other people have had a positive experience with the product or service they are interested in.

Social shopping is still in its early phases right now, but it will surely become mainstream. Both big and small brands must strengthen their social marketing campaigns and capitalize on its opportunities to grow their businesses.

#3: Social media is where fun and knowledge meets

In today's world, businesses need to capture the attention of their audience through various engaging content, and one of the best ways to do so is by providing edutainment content. Edutainment, as the name suggests, is a combination of education and entertainment that makes learning more enjoyable and engaging. With the rise of digital media, people have access to a vast amount of information, and it can be challenging to cut through the noise. 

Edutainment content offers businesses a way to stand out by presenting information in an entertaining way, making it more memorable for the audience. By providing valuable information in an entertaining format, businesses can establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry, build trust with their audience, and increase their brand recognition.

#2: Employee advocacy on social media works as a charm

Have you ever thought that your employee can be an influencer on social media to boost your public image? A research by ​​Weber Shandwick found that half of all employees share content about their employer on social media. By driving employee advocacy on social media, companies can reach a wider audience and attract new business prospects. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized businesses that may have limited marketing resources.

The benefit of employee advocacy is that it humanizes the brand, making it more relatable to the audience and establishing a stronger connection with potential customers. Research found that customers are more likely to trust content shared by an employee than that by the brand itself. Employee advocacy also helps businesses showcase their company culture and values. This can help attract top talent and increase employee retention, as employees feel more connected to the company and take pride in being associated with it.

For employers, the opportunity and challenge is to understand what motivates their employees to be positive advocates. Remember, not everyone needs to be on social media. Don’t force your employees to participate in the employee advocacy program if they aren’t genuinely interested in it.

#1: Social media marketing cost has skyrocketed

Having a strong social media presence gives brands access to a massive audience. However, the cost of social media marketing has risen dramatically in recent years. All around the world, brands are implementing social media strategies to boost brand awareness and improve sales. This increased competition has resulted in a rise in advertising costs on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a result, businesses have had to increase their marketing budgets to remain competitive, and many smaller businesses may find it difficult to keep up. Despite the higher costs, social media marketing remains an essential component of many businesses' marketing strategies, as it offers a highly targeted and effective way to reach their audience. In order to manage the rising costs of social media marketing, businesses should carefully plan their social media marketing efforts, focusing on highly targeted campaigns that will provide the most significant return on investment.

Businesses can also utilize social media management tools and services to streamline their social media efforts and reduce costs. By working with a trusted social media marketing agency, businesses can receive expert guidance and support to manage their social media presence efficiently and effectively.

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