Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a friendly relationship with the public

In the age of advances in information technology, building up the brand’s image and maintaining a good relationship with the public are significant. Positive online reputation is the factor that makes customers feel trusty. ORM could help you to monitor the comments on the internet and give the immediate response..

Downplaying negative views

Online reputation management affects users' purchasing decisions and is the first step in getting potential customers to want to connect with you. According to a study by American Express Customer Service Baromer, unsatisfactory service experiences are more likely to be shared than satisfactory ones. While it is easy for consumers to share their opinions about your brand online, it can be difficult for brands to dilute the impact of negative feedback, and negative consumer feedback may deter other potential customers who are interested in your brand, so online reputation management is key to strengthening customer trust.

Create positive comments

Build positive reviews and de-emphasise negative ones by constantly monitoring and reacting to external reviews of your brand through your online reputation management system. Use professional SEO services to keep positive comments and messages on the front page of search results, while identifying negative keywords to reduce the impact of negative comments on the brand. This builds credibility while enhancing the brand image, giving potential customers confidence in the brand and not being influenced by negative reviews.

Remove negative comments

Removing the negative comments is very important to your brand. Make sure your potential customer would not step back for malicious comments. Implementing SEO and digital marketing strategy to settle the negative comments and protect your brand image.

Remove complaints

To properly settle the complaint is one way to keep your brand image positive. Respond immediately and actively to show your sincerity and ability to solve problems with customers. Use the crisis as an opportunity to turn complaining customers into loyal customers.

Personal Reputation

Comments on the internet are another name card for a person. People can receive all information from you on the internet. As a brand representative, all action from you would influence your brand. Using SEO to eliminate unfavorable comments and build a positive personal reputation.

Company reputation

Good company reputation can drive long-term growth. It is essential to build up positive comments with company culture and customer comments to maintain company reputation.

Commercial Reputation

There are many factors to determine company reputation. Customers might leave negative comments after purchasing products which did not fulfill their expectations. To deal with it, companies should respond properly and immediately to reduce negative impacts on their reputation.

Corporate reputation

Corporate reputation is a valuable asset of an enterprise. It is important to build honesty, reliability and trustworthiness for the brand. Corporate reputation is formed by the value and culture established by the brand for a long time. A good corporate reputation can enhance the public's perception and gain recognition, and increase the business conversion rate.

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