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Building Credibility

One of the primary reasons for setting up a corporate website is to enhance the credibility of your organization. Having a website is an opportunity to leave a good first impression, assuring people that you are a genuine business and clearly conveying high-quality information to consumers. Conversely, in today's age, without a website, people might question the legitimacy of your enterprise.

Establishing Brand Image

A website is the storefront of your business in the digital world. Through it, you can provide potential customers with product and service information and convey your brand philosophy. A good website can help you expand your business and establish a brand image.

Seizing Potential Opportunities 24/7

Google is the largest search engine in Hong Kong and globally, with approximately 5.4 billion searches worldwide every day. This equates to about 227 million searches every hour. As long as you have a well-designed and appropriate website, you can engage with your audience 24/7.

Responsive Web Design

Over 60% of Google searches come from a mobile device. To provide better mobile experience, a cross-platform website is essential to retaining potential customers.

Responsive Web Design is an approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website to adapt to various devices, screen sizes and resolutions, bringing users the optimal viewing and interaction experience.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines have become an important way for people to obtain information. It is estimated that Google processes more than 5 billion search queries every day.

A search engine friendly website will help your brand stand out in search results and increase your online presence.

Online Stores

The eCommerce sector is rapidly evolving. Today, the annual global e-commerce sales have surpassed 5 trillion US dollars. A powerful online store is your first step towards success.

SDMC is experienced in developing eCommerce platforms that deliver an enjoyable and secure shopping experience, helping to grow your business over the world with no boundaries. E-commerce websites are integrated with various features, the basic features including:

  • eShop design and development
  • Product Searching System
  • Inventory System
  • Shopping Cart Function
  • Order Management
  • Membership System
  • Member Reward Function
  • Coupon
  • Order Tracking System
  • Payment and Logistic System

Looking for more features? We will tailor-made your own eShop according to your desires.

Website Development Case Study


E-commerce (FMCG)

  1. Shopify Website Design
  2. UX/UI Design
  3. Products Shooting
  4. eCommerce Set Up

E-commerce (Luxury Jewellery)

  1. UX/UI Design
  2. Products Shooting
  3. eCommerce Set Up
  4. Connect Yonyou ERP Software

Corporate website

  1. CMS Content Management System
  2. Instant Messages
  3. Property Search Engine
  4. Connect SalesForce Software
  5. UX/UI Design
  6. Server Hosting & Maintenance

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4 Steps to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Step 1 - Understanding your need

Understanding your company background, service, website, and the entire industry, and estimate the time required for improvement.

Step 2 - Professional advice

Collect and analyze user data to have a better understanding of customers behavior and provide tailor-made services.

Step 3 - Quick Quote

After collecting all information required, we will provide an estimated schedule and service quotation in a short time. The fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Step 4 - Project Follow-up

As long as both parties confirm and agree, the service will commence. The entire service will be handled by a project manager, and the progress will be reported on time.

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