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Our client's main competitors held higher positions in search engine rankings, making it difficult for ABC to be found in keyword searches. They recognized the need to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy to enhance online visibility, and outrank competitors on SERPs.

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We began by addressing technical SEO issues identified during the website audit. This included optimizing website speed, improving URL structure, and enhancing overall website crawlability and indexability.

On-page SEO is also an important step we should take to create high-quality content that matches users' search intent. We optimized existing content, ensuring keyword density, natural language, and semantic relevance, and added the schema markup to enable search engines to understand website content better.


+ 66%

Keywords ranked on 1st page


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4 Steps to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Step 1 - Understanding your need

Understanding your company background, service, website, and the entire industry, and estimate the time required for improvement.

Step 2 - Professional advice

Collect and analyze user data to have a better understanding of customers behavior and provide tailor-made services.

Step 3 - Quick Quote

After collecting all information required, we will provide an estimated schedule and service quotation in a short time. The fee is clear and transparent with no extra charge.

Step 4 - Project Follow-up

As long as both parties confirm and agree, the service will commence. The entire service will be handled by a project manager, and the progress will be reported on time.

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