An internationally renowned mattress brand with multiple outlets in Hong Kong.




The bedding market is highly competitive, primarily because the majority of consumers search for relevant information online before purchasing mattresses. The client's main competitors have allocated resources to SEO, resulting in higher rankings and traffic compared to the client's website. Due to the absence of rankings for several popular keywords, the client's brand is experiencing a considerable missed opportunity for potential business growth.

SEO Services


We conducted in-depth keyword research to understand consumer search intent. In addition to targeting popular keywords, we optimized for geolocation and feature-related keywords such as "觀塘床褥" and "脊醫推介床褥". These types of keywords often indicate strong purchase intent.

Our optimization efforts also included enhancing readability and providing valuable information to potential customers by optimized product descriptions, blog articles, and other landing pages, as well as improving internal linking to establish a clearer website structure that aids search engines in effectively crawling and indexing the website's content.

Active Organic Users

+ 20.5%

Keywords ranked on SERPs