What is Google Analytics 4?

Data is the key to success for modern businesses.GA4, the fourth-generation data analytics tool launched by Google, offers a fresh approach to data tracking and analysis.

SDMC provides comprehensive GA4 set up services, including consultation, account configuration, data analysis, technical support, and training. We cater to various industries such as education, retail, healthcare institutions, telecommunications, logistics, and finance, helping different types of websites, e-commerce platforms, and media sites with their GA4 implementation. We also offer specialized GA4 set up solutions for e-commerce platforms. Additionally, our technical support team assists clients in mastering the new features of GA4, gaining a deeper understanding of their website's target audience, and devising effective online marketing strategies.

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Difference between Universal Analytics and GA4

Compared to Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 uses event-driven analysis. It connects user behaviors across devices and provides richer data reports. Businesses can customize the report content according to their daily analytical needs, giving them greater flexibility in utilizing advanced data applications.

GA4 will fully replace Universal Analytics starting from July 2023. Historial data within Universal Analytics accounts will be retained for an additional six months. If you are still using the old GA version, we recommend upgrading and backing up your data from Universal Analytics as soon as possible.

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Features of Google Analytics 4

Cross-platform tracking

Collect data from both websites and mobile apps, gaining deeper insights into the customer journey across platforms and devices

AI Machine Learning

Built-in AI machine learning models enable the prediction of users' future behavior based on collected data

Connect to Google Ads

Import GA4 audience lists into Google Ads for personalized remarketing campaigns.

Connect to BigQuery

Import data into BigQuery for flexible and extensive data analysis.

Exploration Reports

Advanced analysis feature that allows for more flexible viewing and analysis of data

Data Privacy

GA4 does not store visitors' IP information and offers multiple settings to protect user privacy

GA4 Set up service flow

Why choose SDMC

Google Partner Agency

As a Google partner, we have extensive experience in Google marketing products. We have served over 300+ corporate clients, including industries such as travel, finance, education, and IT. Our services cover more than 28 industries, successfully helping clients expand their digital market and enhance their brand image.

High Transparency

Each project is managed by a dedicated account manager who monitors the progress, provides timely reporting of results, and delivers analytical reports. In terms of technology, our professional data analysis team resolves any technical issues, increasing your confidence in our services.


We offer standard website packages,and specialized solutions for e-commerce platforms. Clients can choose service packages based on their industry and scale. In addition, we can also provide customized GA4 implementation services to meet your specific business needs.

Exclusive Dashboard

With extensive digital marketing experience and over 300 corporate clients served, SDMC harnesses industry big data and marketing technology to create a robust data dashboard. Our exclusive product empowers GA4 clients with comprehensive data analysis and strategic planning capabilities.

GA4 set up service solutions

Basic Plan

Suitable for SME websites
GA4 migration with basic set up and data tracking

  • Account planning
  • GA4 Migration
  • GA4 Set up
  • Connect to Google Assets

Medium Plan

Suitable for corporates, eCommerce platforms
Customised set up & data analysis

  • Data storing
  • Custom events & conversions set up
  • Connect to Big Query
  • Exclusive Data Operational Analysis Dashboard

Online Marketing FAQ

What are the differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 is based on an event-based data model, while Universal Analytics is based on a session-based model. Google Analytics 4 offers more advanced features such as cross-device and cross-platform tracking, as well as the use of machine learning to predict user behavior.

Can I migrate data from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?

Since Universal Analytics and GA4 are using completely different data models, you cannot directly migrate data from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

How can I preserve data on Universal Analytics?

2023 年 7 月 1 日後,會有至少六個月的緩衝期,可以繼續存取先前在 Universal Analytics 中處理的資料。 匯出資料的方式有以下三種:

  • Export individual reports in Universal Analytics.
  • Use the Google Analytics Reporting API. 
  • Export data to BigQuery.


How can I preserve data on Universal Analytics?

If you created your resource before October 14, 2020, you may be using Universal Analytics. If you created your resource on or after October 14, 2020, you are likely using Google Analytics 4.

You can also check the Property ID to confirm the version you are using. Universal Analytics Property IDs start with "UA" followed by numbers (UA-XXXXXXXXX-1), while Google Analytics 4 Property IDs consist of only numbers (XXXXXXXXX).

Do I need to pay for Google Analytics 4 service?

Google Analytics 4 is a free website analytics tool. However, you can subscribe to Google Analytics 360 (the paid version) for higher quota limits. For most businesses, using Google Analytics 4 is sufficient.

Do I need to use Google Analytics 4?

我們強烈建議企業使用 Google Analytics 4。在數碼營銷領域,洞察用戶行為是非常重要的。

We strongly recommend businesses switching to Google Analytics 4. Understanding user behavior is crucial in the digital marketing field. As one of the most important marketing tools, Google Analytics 4 helps you gain comprehensive insights into user behavior and trends, enabling you to develop more effective marketing strategies and drive business growth.

Our clients

GA4-case study1



GA4 Solution :

  1. GA3 目標導入

  2. 鎖定行業關鍵指標

  3. 設定 Enhanced eCommerce

  4. 追蹤顧客瀏覽路徑

  5. 購買行為分析



GA4 Solution :

  1. GA3 目標導入

  2. 鎖定行業關鍵指標

  3. 設定自訂事件

  4. 追蹤顧客瀏覽路徑

  5. 設定轉換追蹤

  6. 制定行業「數據營運分析報表」


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