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微信為國内最多人使用的手機即時通訊軟件,直到2019年年頭,坐擁超過每月10億活躍用戶 (Monthly Active User),因此也成爲國内外公司打進内地市場,進行業務推廣的必要營銷模式。

SDMC 全面服務

SDMC 為客戶提供一站式微信推廣服務和跨地區的營銷方案。服務涵蓋:

Set up the official account on Wechat
SDMC helps you to set up the official account, mini program and cross-border payment.

Wechat official account management
Some companies are not able to manage their official accounts, leading to their account having no update for a long time, or even be freezed by Tencent. SDMC offers Wechat official account management services to help you to update the information regularly.

Diversity of Wechat promotion

Diversity of Wechat promotion

Wechat provides lots of new features allowing companies to promote their business. Making your marketing message more attractive and getting users to share it.


WeChat promotion- Unlimited potential customer

隨著微信的活躍用戶數量於 2018 年尾已接近10 億,數字所代表的市場是巨大的。用戶每天使用微信交流,查看朋友圈、搜索信息等。哪家企業能夠了解了用戶的喜好,哪家企業就能招攬更多的客戶。

Low cost for Wechat promotion


微信公眾賬號向用戶推送信息也將近零成本,與SMS 或MMS 不一樣;與微博、互聯網店鋪不一樣的是,微信公眾平台的粉絲是不公開的,粉絲並不會因為公眾號粉絲少就不關注,因此,不用購買粉絲;


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