Why Go Social?

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Social media is an essential marketing tool for modern businesses which helps to build customer loyalty and improve brand image by engaging in meaningful interactions with the target audience. It takes time for businesses to build up traffic on their social media platforms with branded content and deliver the message to reach potential audiences. SDMC, the established social media agency in Hong Kong, delivers all-round social media marketing strategies that make your brand stand out from various platforms.


With more than 5.5 million users in Hong Kong, Facebook is an indispensable platform for promoting your businesses. As a leading social media agency, SDMC provides strategic Facebook marketing services with comprehensive analysis of your business nature and target customers. We craft content marketing strategies to connect with your target customers and build brand image.

We offer a full array of Facebook advertising services that will help your business reach its target audience. Our goal is to develop the most efficient advertising strategy at the lowest cost.


Instagram is the best visual marketing channel for building your brand image. The key to promoting your business on Instagram is eye-catching images. We enjoy creating wonderful visual content with multiple ad formats to catch your target audience’s attention. Work with us, the best social media agency, for getting more followers on Instagram!


As the world’s largest professional network, Linkedin is the most effective place for B2B marketing. From content creation to advertising campaign management, our social media marketing specialists help you target high-quality leads and grow your business by showcasing your professional services and knowledge.


With over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the world. The potential of a huge audience is a great reason to market your business on YouTube. Consumers prefer videos rather than text. Running a YouTube channel is an important step to reach leads. Videos visualize how your product or service fits into consumers’ way of life, and therefore enhancing their purchase intention.

Our social media marketing team of professionals will tailor YouTube video strategies based on your brand positioning. From making storyboards to video shooting, we get your brand in front of numerous target audiences on YouTube.

Micro-influencer Marketing

Micro-influencer Marketing is an affordable and effective strategy to build genuine connections with your target customers. Micro-influencer is everyday people. They use their social channels to share their view on a product and service, targeting a more niche audience. Promoting your products with Micro-influencer is a good way to avoid hard selling and build a solid brand image.

Micro-influencers tend to have a smaller number of followers in comparison to KOLs, typically between 1K and 10K followers, but interact with followers more frequently. Taking Instagram as an example, the engagement rate of Micro-influencers can be six times higher than that of KOLs.

Compared to KOLs, micro-influencers charge less for promoting a product. Studies have shown that a KOL with 1 million followers on Instagram charges as much as $80,000 on a post. In contrast, you can invite 50 to 100 Micro-influencers at the same cost. The average return on investment for every $1 invested in Micro-influencer is $6.5. SDMC is a social media agency that provides a one-stop micro-influencer marketing solution to promote your businesses. Want to find a micro-influencer? Contact us now!

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