AQ Bio

A well-known local brand that offers natural disinfection products using high-end biotechnology.




The client has been managing Facebook and running ads regularly, but the engagement rate was low, failing to reach a wider target audience and improve the conversion rate of their online store.

Social Media Management


After evaluating the client's ad performance, we discovered that the Traffic campaign was significantly more effective than other campaign objectives. As a result, we decided to allocate 93.5% of the budget to Traffic ads. Additionally, we established three major directions for post content, including product promotions, street interviews, and brand promotion, aiming to diversify the advertising content and capture the audience's attention.

After three months of ad placement, there was a significant improvement in post engagement, including link clicks and likes. The client's fan base also became the largest among competitors. The best-performing ad was the promotional post, successfully driving a substantial number of viewers to click through to the website and place orders.


+ 14.5%

Link Clicks

+ 75.6%