The client is a public sector organization running a job-creation scheme dedicated to the financial industry and planned to conduct a webinar to explain the scheme to employers. The client hopes to run an advertisement for the webinar.


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The client had not held a similar webinar before, making it difficult to assess the response rate to the webinar. In addition, the target audience of the webinar was employers and senior management, which is a difficult group to reach. The client’s goal was to get 300 people to sign up. However, motivating the audience to take action is no easy task.

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To reach niche audiences, we decided to place ads on three platforms: Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube and LinkedIn. We started by building a landing page for the ad and creating a short promotional video to introduce the webinar. For GDN and YouTube ads, we mainly placed them on websites and channels related to finance and investment; For LinkedIn ads, we had niche targeting on certain industries and job positions.



The ad met all KPIs within a month of running, successfully attracted 300 people to sign up for the webinar, and spent only ⅓ of the advertising budget.